Agroglas supplies the highest quality tempered and laminated glass for agricultural machinery, construction machinery and car glasses.

We also make glass to size according to drawings or templates. In the assortment we have flat glasses, bent in one plane as well as spherical glasses – with different bending radii.

In our offer you can also find glass used in construction in the thickness range from 5 to 15 mm, including: shower cabins, glass doors, glass buildings, railings, etc.


In order to provide comprehensive service to our customers, we offer:

– professional installation of glass with an indefinite warranty,
– safe delivery of goods by company transport throughout the country and abroad,
– comprehensive washing of agricultural and construction machinery.

Glass for agricultural

Glass for agricultural machinery
  • Tractors,
  • combine harvesters,
  • telescopic loaders
  • forage harvester

Glass for construction

Glass for construction machinery
  • Excavator
  • backhoe loaders
  • mini excavators
  • loaders
  • cranes


car windows
  • Passenger cars
  • Car windows,
  • buses,
  • trucks,

Why is it worth buying Agroglas glass?


Our products are made of the highest quality glass – 1st class of glass guarantees their extended service life. We also have the ability to choose the color of the glass.

Agroglas glasses are made on identical production lines as the originals – modern machinery ensures an appropriate glass production process, making them more resistant to damage.


As the only one in the market, we offer reliable delivery of goods throughout the country with company vans adapted for this – thanks to this, the glasses are not exposed to microdamages, which very often occur during transport by courier. The resulting defects, invisible to the naked eye, significantly weaken the glasses and can cause spontaneous cracking.

We provide professional glass assembly services, performing a service throughout the country, offering our own access to the machine’s parking place.
An indefinite warranty is granted for each glass assembly made by us.

Agroglas is a professional company specializing in the production and delivery of glass for machines. Our regular customers can count on attractive discounts and promotions.
Many years of experience and commitment of the entire team gives us the opportunity to provide services at a very high level.

Our montages



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Glass for agricultural and municipal machinery
tel. 501-290-251
e-mail: rolnicze@agroglas.pl

Glass for construction machinery and forklifts
e-mail: budowlane@agroglas.pl

Glass for cars
tel.: 508-398-721
e-mail: automotive@agroglas.pl

Glass for vintage cars
e-mail: oldstyleglas@oldstyleglass.pl

tel.: 0048632615515
mob.: 0048505484804
e-mail: export@agroglas.pl

If you are satisfied with our services, tell others if not you do tell me lukas@agroglas.pl

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